“The World Religions & Spirituality Project (WRSP) was established in 2010 at Virginia Commonwealth University. The mission of the WRSP is to provide objective, reliable and comprehensive information about the world’s diverse array of religious and spiritual groups. The central feature of the WRSP website is, therefore, profiles of contemporary religious and spiritual movements, established world religions, and historical religious and spiritual movements. Wherever possible, profiles are prepared by scholars of record for the groups that they profile. Each profile includes a presentation of the group’s history, distinctive beliefs, rituals, organization and leadership, and issues/challenges.”

Curriculum/Instruction Materials
Schools and Youth Groups: Interfaith Instruction
Scarboro Missions has collected many useful resources and documents on how to educate youth on Interfaith and Intercultural collaboration.

Golden Rule
“The Golden Rule Project in Salt Lake City (USA) promotes the principle of the Golden Rule in schools and communities using story cards, posters, curriculum, bookmarks and tetraflexagons.”

ICGR Affiliations
An ICGR Affiliate is an organization that has goals similar to those of ICGR, and collaborates on programs and information about interfaith issues as approved by the ICGR board.  Although an affiliate organization does not have a vote on the ICGR Board or at the annual meeting, Affiliates are represented by the Affiliates Chair-person on the ICGR Board.  An affiliate organization receives the annual yearbook and monthly newsletter as a courtesy.  Representatives of the Affiliate organization may join ICGR as individual members at large. ICGR has had the privilege of collaborating with our affiliates for such programs as the Family Peace Festival, our annual Legislative highlights review, First Freedom day and the Brotherhood/Sisterhood Youth Awards.

First Freedom Center
 (Formerly the Council for America’s First Freedom)

InterFaith Conference of Metropolitan Washington

Richmond Peace Education Center

The Resource Center

Virginia Center for Inclusive Communities (VCIC)
(Formerly VCCJ or NCCJ)

Virginia Council of Churches

Virginia Interfaith Center for Public Policy

North American Interfaith Network (NAIN)
ICGR is a member organization of NAIN.

Lending Library
This library help us meet our purpose of better understanding among religions, races, and nationalities. If you would like to “check out” any of our book or tapes, the listing of materials can be viewed online! Please click TITLE for the listing sorted by Title, or click on AUTHOR/PRODUCER for the listing sorted by Author/Producer.

If you wish to borrow books and tapes, please click the Contact link above and fill in the form. Be sure to include “Lending Library” in the comment section and then please specify what you would like to borrow.

You can also contribute to the library! If you or your religious organization has material to donate, please use the Contact form to express your interest in making a contribution. Also, donations may be brought to any of our meetings. Click ______ above for information about our meetings.

**ICGR is currently soliciting its members to be Librarian for our collection of books and tapes. Send us an email, or use the Contact form, if you’re interested!**